Monday, October 26, 2009

Update facebook from IRC

Do you spend a lot of time in IRC? I have some tips on keeping your facebook status updated from within your favorite IRC client. Now you'll never have to leave your beautiful colored textual paradise, to the the land of bloated web applications and cornea gumbo.

First I'll conceptualize the process, then we'll go straight into setting it up on an Ubuntu 9.10 system.

Basically it's IRC client --> tircd IRC twitter gateway --> twitter --> facebook's Selective Twitter Status application --> facebook

I decided to use the Selective Twitter Status application because I use twitter too and don't want all my tweets to totally spam my friends like a bad EFnet bot. (you IRC veterans know what I'm talking about)

Also, take note of the port change to 6668 if you use bitlbee for IM.

updating facebook status within IRC


Install tircd

sudo aptitude install tircd

Install Selective Twitter Status & enter your twitter username

Configure tircd (optional)

gksudo gedit /etc/tircd.cfg

chage line:9 from port 6667 to port 6668

Launch tircd

terminal: tircd &


run dialog: tircd

Update facebook Status

open preferred IRC client

/SERVER localhost 6667 [twitter_password] [twitter_username]


/SERVER localhost 6668 [twitter_password] [twitter_username]

/JOIN #twitter

[msg] #fb

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  1. Haha! Never can have enough ways to update the ol' Spacebook.